Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Update (without Seth Meyers)

I never fully appreciated the value of a weekend for all those years that Jon owned his mortgage company. Saturday was just another day of the week. He worked when he had work to do and he was in and out of the house just like the rest of the week. But now, now I've joined the ranks of women who relish those glorious two days of having their teammate, their extra set of hands, their backup there with them all day. Waking up on Saturday morning, I just breath a deep sigh of relief. Today I am not in this alone.
This past Saturday was gloomy outside but we had fun inside. Channing kicked back and took in a new view:

And a little finger puppet show from brother:

I built cities with the boys:

I love looking around the house for something that might spark some creativity in their little minds. A big cutlery tray made a good parking garage:

I was so inspired by all my freed up time, I baked :)

And we ate them:

I was excited to get a new deep freezer. Of course the boys were even more excited to get a box:

We brought the boys over to Aaron & Bria's to meet their itty bitty new cousin:

The highlight of the weekend for the boys was the massive storm that came through that night and knocked out our power for four hours. Bennett was in heaven! For some reason he's always had an obsession with going into a room and turning out all the lights. If he has a flashlight, even better, but he just thinks its fun to play in the pitch dark. So when the power went out at 8pm and Jon brought out a bunch of flashlights, we couldn't bear to make them go to bed. They ran around together for two hours playing games with their flashlights. Bennett would come in our room every now and then and Dawson would follow behind and say, "come on, Bennett!" and they'd run out again together.
We topped our weekend off with an indoor picnic (if its not raining in Iowa in the spring, then we get hurricane winds around here.) Hot dogs, baked beans and watermelon:

And to make a good weekend even better, at 6 weeks and 5 days old, this little man figured out how to get that tic-tac sized thumb into his mouth. And, drum roll please........slept 9 1/2 hours that night! Not a peep. (Commence angels singing here.)

He's done it the last three nights too! I've actually been waking him up at 8:30am. I am in complete and utter amazement. I swaddled my other two boys so tight they never had the opportunity to suck their thumbs (kicking myself now). I may change my tune when he's 5 and can't kick the habit but seriously, babies can't get their pacifiers in their mouths by themselves until they're 6 months old. That's a lot of nights of getting up to stick that thing back in. Not to mention all the nights of searching all around the crib for that rogue paci when they're old enough to chuck it out (and my boys enjoyed that game immensely). And running back in the house when you're rushing out the door because you forgot to grab one...oh the inconveniences of those darned things goes on and on. But a thumb is always there. It can never hide or be dropped on the floor! Three cheers for opposable thumbs!


  1. ah! so sweet! i need some'a that baby!!!

  2. One of my favorite posts. Life is so fun with little boys!! You are raising them with fun and laughter!

  3. I'll never forget the day Mary found her thumb:) Great post and looks like you are managing three well. My best to all of you!

  4. How did I miss this post? What an awesome weekend and you are the best mom ever! Empty out the cutlery drawer, let them stay up with flashlights AND and indoor picnic! You're awesome!

    Plus, I think you may have convinced me on the whole thumb-sucking thing! :)


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