Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Flash back

Dawson at 7 1/2 weeks:

(And Quinn!)

And Channing now at 6 weeks:

Baby boy is plumping up! Not too much more to report in his life at this point, other than he's enjoying sitting in his bouncy seat or on his Boppy pillow a little more and loves to look around. He smiles pretty easily, eats great and still rarely spits-up (I can't say enough how much I love this part!! Bennett drenched himself and me all day every day. Probably partly because I wasn't comfortable with the nursing thing yet, and he was my laziest eater. He lost his latch constantly and probably swallowed a lot of air all the time. Thank goodness this stuff gets easier as you add more children!!)

Channing now goes between 6 or 7 hours between his nighttime feedings (10:30pm to around 5:30am, sometimes waking up once for his pacifier) and then goes right back to sleep until 8:30. Most mornings I have to wake him up then to feed him. If I didn't, our schedule would get too late and our whole day would be off. I have to feed him at 11:30am again at the latest in order to get Bennett to preschool on time. I'd be feeling a lot more rested right now except for a horrible sore throat and cold I came down with this week. So not fair to be awake at night for other reasons than your baby. Mothers should get immunity from sickness for a full year after having a baby. Scratch that. Mothers should get immunity from sickness until all their children are in school full time!!

Other news around here:

Jon's job got changed up a bit. He gained some territory in Iowa and lost some in Kansas. GREAT news for us because he's now only traveling overnight every 2 or 3 weeks as opposed to every week. I'm overjoyed.

Our new nephew was born yesterday! Jon's youngest brother, Aaron, and Bria had their first baby boy yesterday (Colyer grandson count: 6. Colyer granddaughter count: 1), named Aben Jordan. He was only 6lb 11oz despite being 6 days overdue. Makes sense though considering she threw up nearly every day of her entire pregnancy and was on IV fluids the whole first trimester. Poor thing. She had worst case scenario pregnancy and delivery. Ended up having a C-section too. (I haven't gotten the whole story yet. We'll go meet him on Friday when we don't have to bring Wild Thing 1 and Wild Thing 2 along with us). I think its the coolest thing ever that all three of my boys have a cousin 7 weeks or less apart in age! Plus, Bennett & Dawson each have another cousin 4 months apart. I didn't have a single cousin anywhere close in age so I'm so grateful for the lifelong friends (hopefully!) my boys were born with.

And whenever I have a rough day at home with my boys, all I need to do is look at these next two pictures. Melt my heart. (and a couple of grandmother's hearts along with it :)

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