Wednesday, March 23, 2011

T minus 3 days!

We head to Cancun this coming Saturday. Jon and I cannot wait to get away from our kids! Its been a long time since we've had some time away together and it couldn't come at a better time. I'm a little apprehensive about leaving the kids since Bennett's still trying to adjust to Jon being gone so much these days. I'm more worried about the aftermath when we come back. Bennett's been acting out more these days (he pulled this one again, so yeah, I'm typing this on the little nubby remains of half the letters) so here's hoping he's not a terror for the few days after we come home. I guess he's just picking up the slack for his little brother who's been significantly sweeter these days.
As of today though, I'm officially ready to go...I got my books to read on vacation from the library! Its seriously hard to comprehend the fact that I'll have so much time to relax and read uninterrupted. And get to eat a whole week's worth of meals while they're still hot!! Oh man...pretty sure I'll have died and gone to heaven (so I guess that means there aren't any preschoolers in heaven?? kidding, kidding :)

Here's my list so far (for my fellow booknerds. I mean worms), although my mom put a couple more on hold for me:
You'll know if I loved them or not if they end up on my blog list but I hear they're all awesome.
See you all in a couple weeks, unless we have internet access in our room. Adios amigos!


  1. Have a FABULOUS time!!!! I can't believe you haven't read Angela's Ashes yet!!! You will love it!!!

  2. Every time you recommend a book, I have to read it! So far I've loved the books from your list.

    Have fun on vacation!

  3. JEAL. can't WAAAAAAIT til sether's home. i'm less concerned with him actually being home--more concerned with the fact that i'll have an excuse for a vacay! ;)

  4. Too funny-all 3 of those are on my list to get to eventually! Have a great trip!

  5. Thanks for putting up pics of the books. Can't wait to hear which one you like best :) Have fun! BTW, the chiropractor worked great! Thanks!


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