Monday, December 20, 2010

Get me outta here

My boys are as wild as they come. Climbing, jumping, tackling, destroying boys. I pretty much try not to ever spend any extended time in the house with them. I mean, would you keep chimpanzee's in your house?? Since they've been tiny babies, they've been so much happier out of the house. I just laugh every time we're at Jon's parents house and his grandma says, "Dawson is just the sweetest boy! I never hear him cry!" Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde would be an appropriate description of his mood at home, vs. when we're out. The constant screaming (he's never been much of a crier, always a yeller and screamer) is enough to make me cuss in my head. And yesterday it was so bad it was enough to make me cuss out loud. This has been a really tough few months with him. I blame it partially on teething but I know its just his makeup. He's been more intense than Bennett from the womb.
Two nights ago Jon had to work from 5 - 9 so I knew we needed somewhere to go. I called up Nana and Poppy and asked if we could come hang out and go look at Christmas lights after dinner. It was a lovely, relaxing, fun evening.
Dinner at Panera:

Poppy reading Bennett his favorite book, The Blue Bottom Monkey (I'm certain its his favorite because it says the words bottom and poop in it):
Yesterday we should have just dumped them both off at Nana and Poppy's again. I worked until 1 and came home to two completely grumpy boys. Jon went off hunting (I don't blame him) and Dawson pretty much screamed all afternoon. I decided we would go play in the basement where Dawson would be more entertained. Bennett was wining because I told him no more computer games. I told him to go up to his room or come in the basement. He was up by himself for about 5 minutes and then joined us downstairs. Little did I know in those 5 minutes he got revenge on me for not letting him play computer games. I guess if he couldn't use it, he didn't want me using it either. I came up to find this:
Here you can see his weapon of choice:
Thankfully the Lord's mercies are new every morning. I was determined that today would be a good day and prayed for an extra dose of patience today! So far so good...but I'll keep praying ;)


  1. Oh friend! Do I ever relate. We're having to up our parenting game with the little Mr. He's been so naughty (throwing tantrums and getting into things) That we've made some changes to our parenting strategy and then had a DTP (define the problem) with him a couple of days ago and introduced him to the 'new' discipline strategy today. It's a total shot in the dark and we're praying it works. I'll be praying for extra measures of patience!

  2. wining is what i do.
    whining is what our kids do.

  3. It must be bad if you're cussin' and mispelling! :) You can do this!

  4. oh girl, hang in there. i have to remind myself often that these years will go fast (they have already) some days helps keep me from cussing and some days it doesn't. you need to move to AZ where you can be outside everyday of the year. helps keep me sane.

  5. I don't know you (hope that isn't too weird!), but after I found your blog I had to keep reading...your boys are so stinking cute! I hate to tell you that what Bennett did to your computer (because I know if it were mine, I'd cuss out loud for sure!!) was what I needed to get out of my funk - if only for a minute.

    Thank you!! :D

  6. I think it is creative! He was just wanting to play scrabble! :) Merry Christmas!


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