Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Part III

This is the last of it, but I had a couple cute photos of my boys first thing on Christmas morning that I had to share:
*And no, they did not sleep in our bed! :)
And boy am I glad Jon's brother, Adam, married Kayla this year, because she brought these to Christmas dinner!:
Man, she's making us other daughter-in-laws look bad! How does she have the time for that? Oh wait, she doesn't have any life-sucking, energy-zapping, curse-inducing, house-destroying little terrors children!! Kayla--so glad you don't want kids so you can keep bringing cupcakes to everything! :)


  1. Haha WOW! I feel special! :) Don't worry, for every celebration instead of a child, I will bring cupcakes! Haha. That's a joke, but seriously.

    PS: Cute pictures of the little guys! They look so "Christmas morning"!! I love it!

  2. Their jammies are SO sweet! (and I'm massively jealous of the cupcakes)


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