Wednesday, December 1, 2010

boring baby update ; )

Since I know you're all dying to know, thought I'd let you know that Dawson finally took his first steps yesterday! He took two steps to me while I was getting adjusted at our chiropractor. He was standing in one spot for so long just staring at me and Dr. Hassel. He looked hilarious. I said, "He's stuck there. he won't go anywhere". And then he shocked me by walking right towards me! Then he took about 3 steps when we were in the waiting room later. Exciting moment for a parent. Boring blog for my readers. :)


  1. haha, i was thinking i had seen him walk already, until i read this post and realized it was just a dream i had last night. can't wait to see him, as manda would say, as a bi-ped!!!

  2. YAY! Totally not boring but for a brief second when I read your blog title I thought "Is she having another baby and I missed the announcment?" It seems like Dawson has been around forever...hence not a baby. BUT he is your baby. Oh dear, I am rambling! Super cute header pic and YAY for walking babies!!!

  3. manda-i was right there with ya! :)

    congrats lil' dawson...look out world! once those 2nd borns start learning to walk it becomes a whole different ball game!!

  4. I thought he seemed awfully close when you guys were here on Monday. Thata boy Dawson!


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