Thursday, December 30, 2010

We interrupt this Christmas series to bring you...

SPRING! At least that's what Bennett thought when he looked out the window today. It was 59 degrees in Des Moines today and all the snow from Christmas weekend had melted. It was just so heart-breaking to have to tell him that no, winter is not over. We in fact have 3 more months of it. But if we could get a little reprieve like this every few weeks, I just might make it through!


  1. Seriously...if it weren't so wet and sloshy, I may have worn flip flops.

  2. bennett could quite possibly be one of THE cutest kids i've ever seen! his face is so expressive!!!! those curls! ohhh, melt my heart!

  3. He just is LOVING that tricycle isn't he? SOOO CUTE!


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