Monday, November 29, 2010

Photo Update

Just a few recent photos of my growing boys. Dawson's 14 1/2 mos. old now. Still not walking but he can climb up onto the dining room table among other things. He's one intense little boy. He's usually growling or yelling when we're at home. He can say several words now: uh-oh, more, ball, pappy (paci), bye-bye and says, "woof woof!" whenever he sees a dog.
He and Quinn reading books to each other:
Bennett's as wild as ever but still sweet and sensitive. We spend a few hours at the library every week (one of my favorite places to take him) and he's still loving preschool. He's really into making up words for everything right now and is really good at pestering playing with his brother. His current favorite game is to lock himself and brother in the front hall closet. Today when I opened the door, Bennett had climbed up to the top of the vaccuum (don't ask me).
I found Bennett and Piper laying at the bottom of the basement stairs the other day yelling out shapes they were seeing in the "clouds". It was so cute.
Nana, Bennett, Caleb and Kietlyn working on their turkey craft on Turkey Day:
The finished project with all the thankful feathers (Bennett's first item of thanks was for Piper :)
We had a great Thanksgiving. An amazing brunch that morning at my mom and dad's (breakfast meals are always my favorite since bacon is usually involved. There was plenty. I was in hog heaven--pun intended.) And then we all had dinner together at the Colyer's. The dynamic duo (my two moms) cooked a drool-worthy meal and we've been eating leftovers since. We also got to go to Kansas City on Friday and Saturday to hang out with some extended Colyer fam. It was fun (my highlight was eating all of their leftovers) and all the women got some shopping in sans kids (thanks to my hubby's sacrifice). Bennett got to swim at our hotel and sleep in a bed with Poppy! It was a nice little getaway.
Not sure if the video uploader is working, but here's a funny one of the boys dancing. Dawson loves dancing to music. Wish there was more of him on here:


  1. bennett gets his dance moves from his mom:)

  2. what a little sweet nugget. i love that picture of them on the stairs! and...piper's wearing quinn's dress as a shirt. or...something.

    typo: after hog heaven, "and theN we all..."

    p.s. i'm super-jeal that you guys had brunch without me.

  3. but you made the best dish of the day! You have to make it for Christmas dinner.
    My favorite picture is the one of them at the bottom of the stairs and Piper has her legs crossed and you can tell Bennett is yelling out something!

  4. Oh man, your family is so adorable Have! Love your pics!

  5. Bennett is transforming into a little boy right before my eyes!! Good bye toddlerhood!!

    Loved your post about Jon!

  6. Looks like a fun Thanksgiving. I want to know how you get the kids to be good at the library though! It is on my list of nightmare places to take my kids - so what's your secret?


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