Thursday, March 3, 2011

shoo flu, don't bother me

Well, I seriously thought we'd escaped this winter without the boys getting more than a couple of colds. No luck. The sickies hit our house this week--hard. And lucky for Jon, all the vomiting and diarrhea happened (so far) when he wasn't home! He lucked out with a business trip. Especially with our parental agreement- I deal with the poop and he gets the vomit. (Sure, my end of the deal happens multiple times a day and his is only a couple times a year...but seriously, I gladly wipe those bums knowing I won't have to go near the puke!) So...he owes me one. Or 5. And if we're talking mathematical ratios here, I guess he would technically owe me about a half a year's worth of poopy diaper changes. Honey, I'll accept alternate payment in the form of Starbucks gift cards. ;)

I'm kinda thinking Dawson might have Rotavirus since he's on day 5 of this and his food is going in and out the other end in a matter of minutes. But honestly I don't see much point in taking him in, because when Bennett had it, they finally tested him for Rotavirus around day 7 (because I had no clue any kid would have flu symptoms that long) and said, "Yep. Its rotavirus. Keep watching him for dehydration." So yeah, not much I can do about it but wait it out!

Here are my little boys in their respective barf proof areas.
The only baby I've seen who prefers his Nuk upside down :)
This morning before Bennett had any symptoms he came running to me and said, "Mom, I'm gonna throw up". So I thought, oh, here we go. We rushed to the bathroom and Bennett proceeds to stick his head in the toilet. He sat there for a minute and did some fake coughs and said, "Its not working!" I thought it was just in his head because we were talking about it so much. Unfortunately a little while later it started working. All over the kitchen floor.


  1. oh Have...this is horrible...and I have to say, I did laugh a bit when I saw the picture of Dawson on the barf-proofed couch. I only laugh because I've done it too. Here's praying you come away unscathed my friend!

  2. Haverlee I will praying that healing comes really really soon to your home!!!

  3. Ugh. Puke is awful. I assume the boys are okay now? And you survived!!! Way to go, Mom!! And Jon TOTALLY owes you!!! BIG TIME!!!


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