Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Post Vday Blues

Ok...that title is completely over dramatic. In fact, its not even true at all. But I have to admit, looking at people's facebook posts and reading all kinds of cute blogs left me feeling a little guilty (and maybe a teeny bit sad) that we didn't really make Valentine's day particularly special in our house. I mean, Jon and I had a lovely day together (a lunch date at Mojo's since he had to work that night. And then he brought home Cold Stone to eat while watching the Bachelor. And [tmi alert mom & dad!] there was also a hot tub and candles involved). So I really have no complaints because my hubby definitely made me feel loved.

But when I saw this and this and this (she puts every mom to shame) and THESE! I dunno...just made me feel that, "I'm-a-boring-mommy-who-doesn't-do-cute-and-crafty-things-with-my-kids-because-I'm-lazy-and-hate-cleaning-up-extra-messes" guilt.

That's the dang problem with the internet. You think you have it pretty good until you start comparing yourself with others! That just reminded me of a great verse I mulled over and chewed on recently:
Galatians 6:4 -5 Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don't be impressed with yourself. Don't compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life. (The Message)

My creative best. Hmmm...not sure I'm coming close to that during this season of my life when I'm just focused on getting through the day without losing my patience. But the whole point here is to look at myself to determine whether or not I'm living up to my full potential as a mom; not to all those uber-talented bloggers out there. I'm pretty sure we were all better off without the internet. (Remember the days when you had to look something up in an Encyclopedia?? Weird. Sorry...tangent.)
Anyway, my sister and I get to go to this conference this Saturday in Minneapolis. We decided to go since we know everyone speaking there and half of them are close friends of ours. I'm pretty sure this is coming at the perfect time in my life. I just feel really open and ready for God to do a big remodel in my heart. I'm sure I'll have some thoughts to share when we get back.

Hope you all had a wonderful Vday--that lived up to your expectations! Off to bed...I don't know why in the heck I always stay up so late when my hubby's travelling!?


  1. i don't know why either...just be glad he's not traveling for 365 days! :) jk. but really, it's weird. it's like we're programmed to wait for our spouses in order to settle in for the night. i still have a really hard time with it. (obvs...it's 12:15)
    i'm really looking forward to this weekend. or...i guess i should admit i'm NOT really looking forward to this weekend in my flesh (there's a lot to prepare for a night away!), but deep down, i know it'll be so good.

  2. I stumbled on this via facebook during a midnight feeding. I can totally relate to the V-Day guilt after reading blogs, and I only have a 4 month old! I felt like I should have at least put him in a cute Valentine's outfit and taken his picture. Good verse and perspective to keep in mind as I begin this motherhood journey.

  3. last night i was thinking that next year, i wont even go on facebook on valentine's week. I didn't think i cared about getting a heart-shaped box of chocolates or a tacky teddy bear until i saw pictures of everyone's gifts from their guy...and then realized i'm the only girl in the world who didn't get chocolate covered strawberries. To be fair, he took me on a wonderful dinner/movie/bookstore date 2 days prior...but i was too focused on envying everyone else's red carnations. thanks for the reminder!
    what's that reference again? It says Galatians 4-5..typo?

  4. We weren't exciting on Valentine's day either...as a matter of fact brent jokingly said, "Baby, we're not like those 'other' couples who need Valentine's Day to validate their relationship...everyday is Valentine's day in our house." Yeah...I rolled my eyes. We've never made a big deal of it. but, i felt a littel guilty when I saw what the other moms brought to Ethan's valentine's party. it put his measly store-bought valentine's to shame.

    btw...you are SO creative...I adored your 'where the wild things are' party for Bennett...just awesome!

  5. I saw that one with the kids and lollipops too but was too lazy to do it and Deb is a little busy :) I had flowers sent to Deb on Tuesday because they were 50% off :)

  6. the internet world does this, that's for sure. i struggle with it too.
    and to candy's comment--i didn't receive chocolate covered strawberries either :)
    and to nikki's comment---i used store bought valentines too!

    see, we're all much more alike than we think :)

  7. Hi Haverlee...my husband and I were talking about this very thing yesterday. It seems that when we look at blogs in particular, we have a tendency to compare our worst to the other person's best. And then we feel terrible about ourselves. One thing I have tried to make sure I do is to try really hard to only glean inspiration from blogs...to realize that whoever that blogger is, they're presenting the best parts of their life. They're not showing me the fact that their kitchen actually looks like a cyclone hit it, or the fact that their kids are still wearing pajamas at noon. I know I do that.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!!



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