Sunday, March 13, 2011

Must see!

Just thought I'd give a raving movie review for The Next Three Days, with Russel Crowe, in case you haven't seen it. Seriously- go rent it. Best action/suspense I've seen since Taken, with Liam Neesen. I literally hadn't heard a thing about it so I was shocked by how good it was--one of those movies you wake up the next morning thinking about. And just as a side note--very clean too. I love it when they can make a great movie without the need to fill it with cuss words or nudity. So great!


  1. I literally just turned the tv off after watching this movie, picked up my computer, and saw this post. (weird!) I totally agree- Awesome Movie!!!

  2. Dear Haverlee,
    I have just one request. You have gotten away from sharing photos and I'm definitely more of a visual learner. :)


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