Friday, November 27, 2009

Food and Family

That's what it's all about, right? We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner here at our house with almost all of our family. Jon and I are so lucky to never have to decide who's family we're spending the day with because both of our families spend every single holiday together. Yes, every single one! It's truly awesome for us. That started when we were first married because neither of our families has extended family close by and our parents became such great friends right away so now its just the way it is and we love it! (I'd love to hear if anyone else out there has such a great set-up. Sometimes I wonder if we're the only ones!) I made the Ottley's famous sweet potato casserole. I've learned that whatever you cook, you get all the leftovers, so of course I offer to cook the best part. :) Bennett had a ton of fun playing with all of his cousins all afternoon and Dawson enjoyed lots and lots of cuddles from all of our family.
Dawson taking a pre-dinner snooze with Auntie Claire:
Bennett about to dig in to the Thanksgiving feast:

Grandad and Nonny cuddling their grandbabies:


  1. wow have, that is too good to be be true with both families spending the holidays together. i hear so many people complaining about that having to drive all over to see everyone i wish more people would be open to that. grants fam is here and mine in IA so we never have either option but were happy to be with whoever we can!

  2. You won an award...check out my blog!!


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