Monday, December 7, 2009

The Wedding Day

This weekend Jon's youngest brother, Aaron, got married to Bria. Jon and I were both in the wedding and it was Bennett's first wedding too! Overall I think it went well. But man, that's the biggest challenge I've faced as a parent in a while--trying to force a 2 1/2 year old to stand in a certain spot, smile for the camera and walk here or there for 2 days straight. I think it would be easier to pull a stubborn donkey over a mountain. Let's just say there was a lot of bribing with jelly beans. He's a really good boy, but man, I was in a panic moments before walking down the aisle when he was laying flat on the floor in his mini tuxedo, crying, "I don't want to go, Mommy. I don't want to do it". All I could do was get in place at the last minute, walk down the aisle with a smile and hope and pray for the best. I totally teared up when he walked through the doors, holding hands with his cousins, the other ring bearer and flower girl, with an adorable smile on his face. I realized later, the tears were more from relief than anything else. The wedding was flowing along nicely until Bennett escaped from the second row where he was sitting with my parents and walked up on stage. I was eyeing everyone, to see who was going to grab him but everyone was frozen, not knowing what to do. When he walked behind the Unity candle table and started trying to blow it out and whispering, "I'm blowing out the candles!", I quickly left my spot in line and as discreetly as an elephant in the room, whisked him off the stage back to my Dad. Oh well. Those are the funny moments that everyone remembers and laughs about later.
My only regret of the day is that I didn't take any good pictures of us! Honestly, at the time, I couldn't bear making Bennett do a single other thing he didn't want to do, so I just gave up trying to get any of my own pictures of him. These are the only ones I came away with. Maybe we'll be able to get some from the photographer later.
I used to think toddlers in tuxedos were so goofy. That all changed when I saw my own child in one! Now I get it...when its your own, they're just the cutest thing in the world.
Ringbearer and flower girl, coloring between photos:
Brotherly love:

Bennett's "cheese" face:


  1. I feel your pain sista! Last year Ethan (age 2) was in my sister's wedding...let's just say, I'm reading your post as if it were my own! Bennett was adorable, and Praise Jesus he walked down the aisle! I'll bet you crashed hard at the end of the day! I was pregnant with Eva at the was exhausting!

  2. Sounds like an adventure!!! :) Bennett looks so handsome.

  3. Glad he did it, and you are right...just adorable!! Soooo sorry I had to miss it. I HATE this asthma!! Looks like it was beautiful by the pictures I have seen.

    Love, Auntie


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