Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Day

For any of you outside of Iowa, yesterday we had a snowstorm of "epic proportions". We had over a foot of snow plus 50 mph winds which led to drifts several feet deep. Jon's cousin, Matt and Great Aunt Lucy were still here from the wedding weekend. It was kind of exciting for them since they're from Georgia. And it was definitely great for Jon to have another guy to shovel us out through the wall of snow. Snow days really don't mean anything to our family, other than an inconvenience and a lot of extra work for Jon. He works from home so we have plenty of family time on a regular basis. My sister Claire is living with us til my parents house is done (only about a week left) so of course she was the one who was thrilled to death with not one but two snow days from school!
Auntie Claire watching a movie with her nephews:

Bennett was eager to watch all the snowblowing and shoveling action outside (notice the two big scrapes on his face. Its a miracle we made it through the wedding week without any! Injuries are a consistent part of our daily routine):

Matt getting a full fledged Iowa winter experience:

Later on we went to John and Judie's for dinner since it was the last night with our relatives in town. It was great to be together for a delicious meal on a very cold day. This is Aunt Lucy (Judie's mom's sister). She truly deserves a post all her own. She is the most kind-hearted, genuine, loving and absolutely beautiful older woman I've ever met in my entire life. Even her wrinkles are gorgeous! She has an adorable British accent still and is that family member that everyone looks forward to seeing and can't get enough of when she's around. You just feel warm all over when you're with her. She's in her mid 80's but still has great hearing and sight and dresses so cute. She loves the Lord and loves serving Him and is just the ultimate grandmother! If there was a grandmother of the year award, I know she'd be nominated 100 times over.

Judie went to check on Bennett and Caleb upstairs and found them under the covers and Caleb "reading" a book to Bennett. So adorable!:


  1. Oh my goodness! Aunt Lucy is almost 90?? She has aged SO well!! Love your mini tribute to her!!

    We need to see you guys soon! Chad still hasn't met Dawson! Does anytime look good before Christmas for dinner?

  2. Everything Haverlee said about Auntie Lucy is true and more - she helps me picture these bible women: Anna (in the temple when Jesus came as a baby), Mary (of Mary and Martha), and Priscilla. My goal is to be like her someday -as she follows Christ and exudes Him.

  3. What a sweet declaration of Miss Auntie Lucy! Love that girl name!

  4. Wow! So true about Aunt Lucy...I just hope Gigi doesn't see this...:-)


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