Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random Ramblings

I regret that its been 6 days since my last post so I'm just going to throw some stuff out there! Here's a random picture for a random post.

Dawson's reaching for the toys dangling from his bouncy seat and playmat. You know, I kind of thought his milestones wouldn't seem as amazing and thrilling as all of Bennett's did but I'm surprised already how untrue that is. I was overcome with delight seeing his little arm reaching purposefully towards the plastic elephant instead of just flailing about. That makes me happy that each child's journey is just as unbelievable and note-worthy as the other's. He's still the best baby ever. It kind of amazes me sometimes.
Bennett's as rambunctious and emotional and sweet as ever these days. Today he tripped over me and said, "Oh, sorry Mom." And then grabbed my cheeks in his hands and kissed me. Those moments send me over the moon. He growls at me now when I say something he disproves of. And he whispers all the time when he's saying something he thinks I might disprove of.
My brother-in-law gets home less than 2 days from now for his Christmas break from Guard Duty. My parents move into their new house this weekend. My brother and sister-in-law are coming the day after Christmas for our once-a-year visit with them. I can't wait to play fishbowl with our whole family :) We're all healthy and happy in our house. And with each passing month during tough financial times, I'm becoming more and more grateful for what I have. Life is Good.


  1. i hope we're on the same team for fishbowl!! we'll have to sit accordingly :)
    and i totally agree about their love for quinn is so unique to my love for piper, and vice versa. it's been surprising. i kind of worried that having another girl would just feel like more of the same. but it's not! i still wish for a little boy one day, but for now, i'm so happy to have these two girls.

  2. You will have to explain one day what fishbowl is. Also, where is Graham these days?

  3. great post! i agree about being excited about each milestone-it's so precious and now you truly understand how quickly time passes! i was thrilled beyond belief when Tate was able to hold toys for a long period of time to entertain himself-makes like so much easier! Merry Christmas Colyers!

  4. what's fishbowl? I'm intrigued!


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