Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Sweet New Skill

When Dawson was born, I started watching TV during his middle of the night feedings. This made them much more tolerable for me since I was up for a full hour with nursing and pumping. Obviously there aren't a lot of choices on TV at 4 or 5am but there were a lot of cake decorating shows on, like Cake Wars or Amazing Wedding Cakes. I started thinking how fun it would be to do this- I love to bake. I'm also extremely meticulous and detail oriented and have a pretty steady hand. (I love cutting in the ceiling without tape when I'm painting and getting a perfect edge :) I'm not hugely creative but figured I could easily copy other people's designs.
So anyway, my mom read an article in the paper about a lady who offered classes out of her home in Ankeny- a 3 hour class for $35. I jumped at the chance and a few of my friends were excited to do it too. We had so much fun. I loved learning the techniques and even dreamt all night last night about making cakes! :) I seriously can't wait to do more and have thought of fun ideas in my head. I think my mom's even going to get me a few of the supplies for Christmas so I can get started perfecting my new skill!
Ready to begin!:

I forget what this step was called- we put a border of frosting on to keep the filling from seeping out:
The raspberry and whipped cream filling:

Putting on the "crumb coat":
Lots and lots of frosting!:

Rolling and cutting out our fondant pieces:
Decorating (we were restricted to the colors and shapes the teacher had pre-selected):

Manda's cute acorns:
The finished products (double click to see larger pictures):
I think Katie won the prize for the best design. Turns out my friend had experience we knew nothing about! I love finding out surprising things about people :) :


  1. looks like a bright future for me:)

  2. thats so fun have! my mom asked me if i wanted to come down and do this cake class too! i had to do music and now she is down in ky caring for my gma. maybe next time. love your cakes so fun!

  3. Your cake looks beautiful! Cake decorating is so fun! Before I was married I took all of the Wilton classes and even got certified to teach wedding cake classes. But I don't do much with it anymore. So if you ever want to borrow decorating tips and things to see what you like let me know...they don't get any use from me! :)

  4. That was SO fun and the cake is SO yummy! I was really concentrating in those pics! Lol!

  5. Your boys' bday cakes are going to be rockin awesome! What a fun thing to do! (And by the way, I'm with you on cutting in around the ceiling. It's my favorite part of painting and I HATE when Josh does it-it's never as good!) :)

  6. love the cake designs! i've been making all of Ethan's cakes (and soon Eva's!) mom and mom-in-law both used to decorate cakes as a side business, so they've taught me a lot, but I still need to learn more. great job have!

  7. Great job Have! I can't wait to see those bday cakes!

  8. Great job!!! I definatley want to join you in you do this again.

  9. they look great! (oh, and i tried mom's today--that frosting tastes like sweet butter!!!)

  10. First, love the new pic at the top of the blog. Darling. And, wow, for the first time your cake is fantastic!

  11. sorry about post with no name - my name is Judie!!!

  12. Haverlee! LOVE the cake! I'm going to take Wilton Cake classes at Michael's after the first of the year...but as affordable as this gal sounds, can I get her name from you? We'll have to "talk shop" this week. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!
    Kim V.


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