Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my guilty pleasure

Probably #1 on my list of guilty pleasures is Reality TV. Thankfully Jon loves it just as much as I do and we have so much fun watching certain shows together. One of the shows I watch religiously is Jon and Kate + 8 (No...Jon does NOT watch this one with me!!). I've watched it for years and have seen the ugly demise of their marriage. Seriously, every single episode since their separation, I'm left contemplating my own marriage and feeling SO very thankful for my husband and our relationship. I haven't had any very close friends or family go through a divorce (thank the Lord my parents broke the cycles their own parents left for them and have a wonderful marriage) so I've been hooked on seeing the ramifications their decisions have had on them and their family- specifically how lonely Kate has expressed she is now and having to do all kinds of things on her own.
Marriage is hard work. You can't just worry about your own needs and expect your spouse to feel loved or even liked. Getting caught up in self pity or comparing your spouse to anyone else's does absolutely no good! You constantly have to think about your spouse's needs and try to fulfill those and usually, you end up feeling much more fulfilled yourself. I'm so in love with Jon and he's my best friend. I'd rather spend a day with him than anyone else in the world. I love when he's home and hate when he has to leave. My heart just swells when he's playing with Bennett or holding Dawson. He's such a great dad and we keep growing and learning in our marriage. I can say with all the confidence in the world that we will NEVER have to go through what Jon and Kate brought upon themselves.


  1. So true Have. If there was a 'like' button, I would have clicked it.

  2. Wow Hav..thanks for your words. So VERY true! Looking forward to tomorrow night.

  3. ok, precious words you speak of your husband.

    i too have been watching jon and kate since the beginning (i'm pretty much obsessed w/the show and have seen every episode way too much, ha)
    it sucks 1. that things are the way they are b/t them and 2. NO MORE SHOW.. i am incredibly sad.
    i just want to call them and tell them to work things out and cont. the show...ahhh so frustrating and sad.
    i still pray they work things out.


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