Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Packing update

Just a recent pic of Bennett playing drums at a friends house. He's crazy about musical instruments and microphones now.

I've spent 2 days packing so far and I feel like I've gotten a good amount done. Bennett went to my friend Traci's on Tuesday, my mom's today and will go to Judie's Friday and Saturday. Thank the Lord for great friends and family who willingly jump in to help! This would be so much more overwhelming without the extra help. We'll start moving stuff over Saturday and Sunday and Jon thinks we'll be able to start sleeping there on Monday night. Then we'll have til the 24th to get the last of everything out of the house. I'm so excited to get over there and start setting up house again. I love change. As much as we've loved living here for the past 4 years, and there are plenty of things I'll miss about it, there's so much that excites me about the Johnston house. I packed up Bennett's whole room today and didn't even feel sad at all! I'm just looking forward to the future in our new house. I'll definitely post pics as we get things set up!

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