Monday, March 30, 2009

More of the bad and the ugly

I totally thought Bennett was on the mend. He hadn't thrown up since Saturday morning. He took two naps on Sunday, the second was 4 hours long! But after his nap he started pulling on his ear and he told me, "ear broken". So sure enough, the diagnosis at the doctor's today was a double ear infection- which I was expecting to hear. So we got home, I carried him inside (he'd fallen asleep) and it was noon so I asked him when he was half awake if he wanted to eat lunch and he said, "no, take nap". So I just put him right back to bed. Well, a couple hours later he threw up. Good grief. Jon gave him his antibiotic, I gave him some Saltines and a few sips of Sprite and not much later, he threw up again. So we're definitely not much better today. I really hope this throwing up is done with soon so he can keep his antibiotic down.

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  1. oh have...praying for healing for that little guy. i do love that he said 'ear broken' so sweet.


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