Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Induction

Well, I've officially been initiated into the "Moms-of-boys" club. Today we were, of course, outside, enjoying the unbelievably gorgeous weather. Our playgroup took the long walk around our neighborhood and then stopped at the playground. This is really an exciting time for me since its the first time Bennett's been able to be outside, exploring, and being the independent boy he is. Last summer he couldn't walk so every time we were outside, I was very close by, making sure he didn't swallow every last rock, pinecone and bug (notice I said, swallow, as all of those items went into his mouth constantly). So at the playground, Bennett, of course is wandering everywhere, touching the pine trees, picking up sticks, etc., etc. All of a sudden I turn to look at him and he's standing under a tree ankle deep in a mud puddle. I couldn't believe it. And of course I wasn't prepared with any sort of wipe or kleenex so we scraped the inch-thick mud off as best we could and off he went, to explore some more. It was pretty hilarious but man, oh man, I know that's the first of many muddy days! I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to not wanting to get messy and dirty so I had to just completely let go and realize this is the way he's made and I better get used to it fast!


  1. Welcome to the club, Have!! ;) Dirt and mud seem to truly be magnets for little boys... they just can't seem to avoid them even if they try. Case in point: Zack and I went for a walk and I told him to jump "over" a little puddle of mud... which ended with him jumping straight in the middle of it. He tried... but it just wasn't meant to be, I guess. ;P

  2. Congratulations! This was a milestone! ;) I can't keep Ethan away from mud or puddles! I go through so much oxy clean stain remover that I should buy stock in the company (or get paid to endorse their product!). I guess boys and dirt just go hand in hand once they can walk!

  3. haha, piper must be part of the Boys Club! yesterday in our yard, ALL she wanted to do was jump in the puddles, pick up mud, and throw it on the fence.
    definitely one of those "choose to just let it go" moments!

  4. My rule of thumb, have one pair of "icky shoes" that are just for playing outside. We have ruined too many cute pairs of shoes. Liam just inherited Gavin's icky shoes a few days ago and he thought he was pretty hot stuff. Congrats on selling your you have to have a house blog so we can see what you've done! ;) (at least post pics!)


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