Saturday, March 28, 2009

The newest member of our mudroom

After 2 weeks in our house, our dryer finally arrived. The dirty clothes were really piling up and Bennett was literally down to one pair of pants that didn't really go with any of the remaining shirts. Now, you might be thinking, "couldn't you have just washed stuff and hung it to dry?" But that seemed like too much work. Maybe another week would have made me desperate enough for that! So Jon got it hooked up right away and I was so excited to start laundry! Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not one of those people who finds joy in cleaning, but who wouldn't be excited to do the first load in these beauties?! Jon found some amazing deal online somewhere and I was thrilled. I've admired these front-loaders at other peoples houses but never thought much about owning any. Not to mention, Jon has done our laundry since the day we were married, all I do is Bennett's (and all future children's :) so I probably had very little say in anything laundry related anyway! Needless to say, they're brilliant and since Bennett loves climbing in the dryer (which he did immediately upon installation), he was excited for the new features too-- a light inside and a window!

P.S. Mom- feel free to bring laundry over any time you want. You can pretend you're in college again, coming home on the weekends :)

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  1. YAY for awesome appliances! Doesn't it make you feel like a grown up when you get excited about household appliances?? I'll be over next week with my laundry bags...


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