Wednesday, March 11, 2009

caught in a trap

So today I left my world of boxes to head to Menards for some bubble wrap. I drove under the Jordan Creek Pkwy bridge and saw tons of flashing lights up ahead. I thought there was an accident or something so when a cop pulled up behind me, I thought he was trying to get up to the accident site. After trying to get out of his way I realized he was pulling me over. Turns out I was one of many caught in their speed trap. Thankfully they only clocked me at 76 in a 65 and the cop was young and acted very nice. So when he came back to the car after taking my information, I was thankful he only gave me a verbal warning. But he also said, "I really appreciate that you pulled so far over and gave me plenty of room so I wasn't standing out in the road. That kinda helped you not get a citation." Wow! I was shocked he told me that and boy was I glad I pulled all the way into the grass!

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  1. I hate speed traps! And there have been tons on 235 near my house! Glad you only got a warning! I will definitely remember the tip to pull way over...but I sure don't want to have to practice anytime soon ;)


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