Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week 2

Nursing was going so well until I got a clogged duct. Still trying to recover. Ugh...that is just awful. It happened with Bennett but this time was worse. I've felt really achy and weak and had the chills...not what you need when you're lacking sleep! But it seems to be getting better. Bennett's still crying a lot. My sister Bethany took him with her to AWANA at my parents' church last night. She stayed in the room but after about 15 or 20 minutes she saw his face get sad and his eyes water and when she asked him if he was okay, he said in his sad little voice, "nope". He started crying really hard and she had to bring him back home. That's so different from our usual Bennett.
He sure loves Dawson though. He always snuggles up next to him on our bed and likes to lay his head right on top of him. And when he starts squeaking and squirming, Bennett says, "don't cry baby Dawson, I wuv you!" He brings him his tiny diapers all the time and sets them on him. Dawson's been doing really well at night - usually a 5 hour stretch between feedings. I'm hoping he stays that way over the next few weeks. I know he'll get less sleepy as the days go on but maybe that'll just be during the day. I'm crossing my fingers.


  1. You are doing a fantastic job with both of your boys. All of you are going through a huge transition (Bennett may not have all the words to match the feelings so he uses the feelings) and you are very "normal" in all you are experiencing :). I hope the duct issue heals soon. Congratulations on Dawson's birth and take x-tra good care of yourself.

  2. haverlee your boys are sooo cute!!! praise God for what seems like a smooth labor, delivery, and transition to a second child. sounds like youre doing awesome! i have had about 4 clogged ducts w/cambria and a couple of them turned into infections. which sounds like yours might have too since you felt feverish. i'm sadly a pro at preventing and getting rid of them now, FB me if you have any questions. hope things cont. to go great and bennet adjusts!


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