Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet sweet baby

There is nothing at all in the world like the feeling of a newborn baby sleeping on your chest...especially when its your own. I'm just cherishing this sweet baby boy. Dawson Graham Colyer entered our lives at 12:31 on Monday. 8lb 4 oz., 20 in. long. Just one ounce less than Bennett and the exact same height. Delivery went well...should have hurried more at home. Contractions were 5 min. apart at 8am, got to hospital at 9:15 and was dilated to an 8. And by the goodness of God, they broke hospital records and my epidural in less than 30 min. later! I was a big wimp and was panicking at the thought of not getting one so I totally lucked out (though I felt way more during pushing than I did with Bennett. Thankfully the pushing only lasted 20 min.)
I've felt a million times better post-partum than I did with Bennett and have enjoyed the whole experience much more this time. (Save for a humiliating allergic reaction to apple juice--think Will Smith in Hitch. Seriously. There are no pictures of me with an ape face, I can assure you.)

Anyway, that's all for now...Dawson's starting to squirm. Feeding time again.


  1. Congrats you guys! He's beautiful and we love his name! So so so so glad you were able to get your epidural-not getting one is my biggest fear every time! Glad to hear you're doing well.

  2. Oh Have, you are so right, there is nothing at all like that sweet sweet snuggly feeling with those little ones. You are so lucky to have it go so smoothly!!! Congrats again! I can't wait to meet him!


  3. Haverly he is absolutely adorable!!! It's great to hear everything went so well! The allergic reaction picture would have been nice to see but oh well. Enjoy every moment in the hospital. That was always my favorite time when I didn't feel guilty about having to split my time between the kids. :) Enjoy him to pieces!!!

  4. Awwww Have! What a precious, precious bundle! So happy everything went so well! Doesn't it go so much faster the 2nd time around? And, I'm with you on the epidural not taking full effect...I felt way more too! I have to tell you, that everything is easier the 2nd time around...even though you're mommy of two! I'm praying for you! If anything crops up, give me a call anytime! I know you have a sweet family to call on, but let me know if you need to talk or anything!

    I'll send my number to you on facebook.

  5. So glad you are doing well and enjoying this time! He is such a handsome little guy already! It's encouraging to hear how well you are doing, I'm not looking forward to delivery because the last was so horrible, but I have heard the second is so much easier, good to know you are doing well!

  6. Congrats again Haverlee! I'm so glad to hear you're feeling good and getting to enjoy your new little man. Who ended up delivering him? Hope you can soak up every minute of the newborn stage...and still feel rested. :)


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