Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hot Mom in a Minivan

Is that a complete oxymoron? I hope not because I made the gigantic leap from my lovely Audi A6 sedan to a big ol' Honda Odyssey. Nothing has felt more like a shedding of my former self and fully embracing my role as a mom than the purchase of this van. I've never been one of those anti-van people. I knew when we had our second baby that I'd really like to switch over to one (mainly because I would hate never being able to bring more than one other person in my car with me at a time. I guess I drive a lot with other people and wanted the flexibility!) Anyway, I was super excited to get it and it drives great. It's fully loaded with a DVD player and remote side doors and leather but turns out the unbelievable deal we got on it wasn't quite so unbelievable when we discovered the transmission will need to be replaced (hopefully later than sooner!!!). But we sold my car this week, thankfully, and we'll just be praying it holds on for a while. Call me a nerd or whatever but as long as the waistband of my jeans remains a couple inches below my belly-button and I don't own any sweatshirts embroidered with my kids names on them or wear a big pin on said sweatshirt with my kids' face on it to his sporting event, I'll still consider myself a hot mom :)


  1. as long as you're a mom, you'll always be a hot mom! oh, and all that extra room in the back of the van is good for more than hauling people around;)

  2. oh shoot jon you are funny. haverlee! yey for the van! it is so wierd to see our lives progress right? shoot girlie, we have to show the world that moms aren't always nerdy! one of the rugby guys said that he was thankful for hot moms, me too :)

    p.s. did you post 3 blogs at once? i just kept scrolling and thinking...hey I haven't seen this one!!

  3. I'm right with you. I was sad to let go of my 'fun' car for a minivan...but it really IS so great to not have to worry about banging into other people's doors everywhere!
    By the I totally know what to get you when your little one arrives. I can just picture your gorgeous self in a beautiful sweatshirt with your boys' names in huge embroidery on it! :)

  4. you're so funny! congrats on the new van and I can't wait for your little peanut! (we may need to tap into jon's landscaping abilities next spring. looks good!)


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