Sunday, September 20, 2009

A million thoughts...

Man, I feel like I have a million things swarming through my head about having a second baby but I have exactly 24 minutes til feeding time so I'll have to keep this fairly short! (and yes...he's only 6 days old and on a schedule. Think what you want...this is what works for us and so far its paying off. He's already going 5 hours between feedings at night!)
I couldn't believe how much stuff I now need for newborn baby care! The first night at home I told Jon it felt like I was preparing for battle with everything I had to get laid out for the nighttime! Between burp rags, boppy pillow, the pump and nursing pads and diapers and gauze w/ vaseline and swaddling blankets....seriously-- so different from throwing a 2 year old in bed with a few pacifiers!!
But man alive, despite all that, I can't even begin to describe how much easier this all is the second time around! If you were around me when Bennett was born, you'd never know I was the same mom. I was a complete wreck the first time- emotionally and physically. Jon was really nervous about entering this newborn phase again because of how hard it was on us last time. And its so ironic how before Dawson was born, we were constantly thinking how it seemed impossible to love another baby as much as Bennett and that we both were dreading just caring for a newborn baby. Turns out Bennett's been the higher maintenance child so far! He's an emotional wreck! Can 2 year olds get post-partum depression? He must have it. Hopefully this phase doesn't last more than another week, but who knows. It breaks my heart when he's crying so much. I definitely cried along with him a couple times. But boy, does he love Dawson! He talks to him and kisses him and wants to hold him and sing to him. He's going to be great once he adjusts to sharing my attention.
Anyway, I suppose that's all for now. The important part-- some new pics:
And for a video of Bennett singing to Dawson, check Jon's facebook (I know most of you have probably seen it already): (if that link doesn't take you to it, will someone post a comment and let me know?)


  1. Congrats to all of you!! He is absolutely precious!! I can't believe how alert he looks in the last picture!! And I love the one of him and Bennett together! Bennett will be such a good big brother!! I love the video of him singing! So precious!!

  2. no kidding about all the stuff you need at night! i've finally narrowed down my nightstand. but the first couple weeks there were medicines, lotions, wipes, rags, blankets, the cooler! haha...

    and i hear ya about the crying, too. it's really fun when all three of you are crying together! :)

  3. I'm so glad that you have found it to be easier the 2nd time around! Don't listen to those 'nay sayers!' I agree that the difficult part is big brother being sad...Ethan and I shared a couple of good cries ;) So, glad all is going well! Dawson is, he and Bennett look so much alike!

  4. Haverlee,
    Bennett will get better over time I promise. Just love on him whenever possible and make special times in the day that are only dedicated to him. He'll grow out of the tears (as will you :)) I speak from MANY spilled tears of my own! If you ever need a break let me know. Kinnick and I would be glad to take a trip!

  5. Have, he's so precious! He does look a lot like Bennet! Nana Judie has been raving about him and told me about the video before I saw it (It is SO sweet!) These first weeks can make for a bumpy ride but oh is it worth it! Just wait til Dawson is following Bennett's every move and they are a dynamic duo you can barely keep up with! lol Did I mention that's the stage we're in now? ;)

  6. Haverlee - you are one of the BEST MOMS i have ever known! (And i know a LOT of moms!) And thanks for entrusting Bennett to us over the last couple weeks - we are so bonded to that little guy - and look forward to bonding with Dawson.


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