Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

Well, our move got detoured a little bit. We were supposed to move into our townhouse on Friday but it actually isn't ready for a week. So in the meantime, we're staying at Jon's parents. Frankly, I don't really ever want to leave. I have extra parenting help. I don't have a whole house to clean by myself and the other Colyer cousins are over constantly so they always have playmates. It's pretty ideal. I think when we're ready to build a house, we need to just build a little grandparent's cottage onto the back. 
Our Easter Sunday was really wonderful. The big boys got Easter baskets before church. The last couple of years I've taken the opportunity to buy them some sort of Christian books or DVD's since they don't own many. A couple of friends recommended the kids books by Francis Chan and then they got some Larry Boy DVD's. My brother-in-law was hanging out the night before so I put his incredible artistic ability to use and had him decorate their presents. 
I love the morning light in Judie's house. Our last house didn't get any direct sunlight until about 4pm because we didn't really have any front windows. 
This is the only decent picture I got with my boys and the only way it happened was with all of them eating fruit snacks. I'll take it.
I'm still learning to use my DSLR camera in manual mode and it had been a while since I last used it. I had my settings completely wrong and was shooting too fast to notice so these are quite overexposed. But thankfully with outside pictures, there's room for error.
I love pulling out the same sweet blue shirt on Easter Sunday for the third time. I'm going to have to save that one. 
Channing absolutely refused to sit or stand still for a picture. I didn't have any bribing tools with me. I plunked him on that fence railing to at least get all three in a shot but he was not happy about it and was pretty much screaming at me while I snapped these two. I didn't care. They're still cute.

I kid you not, I didn't pose Dawson like this. I told Bennett where to sit and I told Dawson where to sit and then he laid back and I died right then and there. My adorable boys in their Easter best, cuddling up together. Am I allowed to say this is the cutest thing ever?? At least to their grandparents, I am. This next one is getting framed on a wall in our new house.

Don't let these pictures fool you. I'm constantly yelling one thing or another, like, "That's far enough! Come back!" "Don't throw rocks in the horse trough!" "Stop/Stand/Sit for one more picture!" "You can't go under there, it's barbed wire." "Don't crawl under the barbed wire again. You're getting grass stains." It's not just a carefree jaunt down a pretty dirt road. But in the end it's always worth a little craziness.
At one point I handed the camera to Bennett and told him how to focus and click. He went to town. Unfortunately this was the best of the bunch and Channing's eyes are closed. Most of them were of the trees and field. There were several of me and Channing in the very edge of the frame. We'll have to work on that. But he loved it and I loved giving him the chance to do it.
The baby squat slays me every time.

Bare chested with a bunny bucket on his head. What's not to love about this chunky monkey?

Baby armpit fat is my favorite.
This was the first Easter of any that I can remember that we didn't need coats! There's something really special about an Easter day that actually feels like spring. All of the Colyer girls sat out on the deck during the babies' naptime and reveled in the warmth. Judie made a fantastic brunch spread. A three-cheese quiche packed with veggies and bacon will not soon be forgotten. It all just felt really relaxed and lovely, just the way a family holiday should. The big kids had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard, per tradition (2013) (2012) (2011) (2010) (2009). Poor Channing just had to scrounge around for leftovers. I promise I don't love you less, buddy. Someday I'll fill an Easter basket or Christmas stocking for you. Judie and I even snuck out alone that evening to see a movie together. Honestly, it was a glorious day chock full of love and sunshine and Jesus. (Side note, after looking back at those blog posts, I realized we haven't taken a family picture on Easter Sunday since 2009. All I can say is, you're welcome, Honey. And you sorta owe me one.)


  1. cutest of all time!!
    sorry for the move delay. or not sorry, sounds perfect :)
    also. YOUR OUTFIT.

    love you.

  2. Dawson's crossed legs...killing me. I have a feeling that's a pretty good indicator that you are doing a pretty awesome job. Fights and all.

    Love you.


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