Monday, January 10, 2011

Our new furry friend

She lives in the garage. She has long legs and a sweet little face. Dawson and Bennett are quite attached. Unfortunately, she's not breathing. I'll spare you a picture. I'm talking about Jon's first kill. The lovely little doe strung up by her legs, hanging in our garage. I seriously was hoping that wouldn't be part of the deal. It completely disgusts me. I thought surely he could just hand her off to someone else to do all the nasty stuff. But no. There she is in all her gutted glory. On my side of the garage, no less! I had to climb through the van to get Dawson out from the other side. I wasn't getting near that thing.
So as I said, the boys are quite attached. When Bennett saw it (and touched it. Blech.), he said to Jon, "She's so soft and cuddly. I wish I had deer fur!" Dawson loves looking at it. As soon as we pull in he says, "dee, dee, dee!" Jon found him tonight trying to open the back door, saying, "dee, dee!" and he kept saying it while I carried him all the way up to bed with such desperation in his voice. I seriously almost gave in, he sounded so sad! Oh well. I mean, if we're going to have a pet, its about as low maintenance as they come ;)

Here are a few more antics from my boys:

Bennett with his new CD player:

Putting it to good use to keep Dawson still during a diaper change:
Dawson loves wearing the Mr. Potatohead glasses. He can put them on himself and wore them for an entire morning the other day:


  1. Ummm...gross. But, I totally relate...every year growing up my dad and brother went deer hunting. I avoided the barn like the plague after they got their kill. On the bright side, it's a very lean protein. Just trying to help!

  2. AHHHHHHHH...That is so disgusting!!! I can't believe you let him do that. I would have freaked out! No way would I let Clint do that. YUCK!! Skin crawling and gagging just thinking about it. Image what your neighbors think when your garage door opens :p I saw a deer hanging our neighbors garage last winter and from a distance and was totally grossed out. Oh Jon, why do you do this to our sweet Haverlee?!?

    Mr. Potato-head glasses...hilarious! And that he wore them for a whole morning, even better :)

  3. haha- I didn't know Jon took it home. I officially am offering Shawn's new "special room" in our basement if Jon wants to use it! He can call Shawn about the details.

    And Kallen used to do the same thing with his Mr. Potato head glasses. He also thought it was fun to put the smiley face in his mouth- made for some great pictures! :)

  4. These pics capture our little cutie pies perfectly!! Cant wait till you go away so we can have fun!! Didnt mean that like it sounded :)

  5. Whoops that last comment was from me..

  6. for some reason this whole scenario does not gross me out in the least!! maybe because my dad dabbled in taxidermy.. i don't know, but i do love the pictures of the boys in play =)


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