Saturday, January 29, 2011

One tough cookie

The other day, I sent Bennett out to play in the snow. The only time he gets to go outside is when the neighbor kids are out so I don't have to go out there with him. I had no intentions of setting foot out in the snow for recreational purposes this entire winter. That's what dad's are for. And neighbor kids. I hate winter. Pretty sure I've said that a few (hundred) times on this blog. I particularly hate wearing my winter "uniform" for 4 months- jeans, sneakers, a hoodie and hopefully at least a cute/colorful t-shirt. I also hate the dry air that gives you static-y hair and flaky skin. And the lack of tan. (Although I've finally realized that bronzer isn't just for Snookie. I've fully jumped on the bronzer bandwagon.) And I don't even need to mention my hate for bundling babies up in coats and hats. Seriously sucky.

So anyway, back to the snow day. Dawson and I were watching Bennett attempt the big sledding hill out in our backyard by himself for the first time (its a really big hill). I watched as he gradually made his way up the hill, dragging the sled behind, slipping every few feet but continuing to climb. Then half way up, he slipped and I watched as he lost his grip on the sled rope and it went sliding all the way back down to the bottom as the bigger kids were sledding down all around him. My Momma Bear instincts kicked in so quick, I didn't think twice about my disdain for being out in the snow. I grabbed Dawson, ran downstairs and put on my coat and boots, shoved Dawson into his coat and hat and grabbed the sled from our garage. I then ran out to "save" Bennett. But by the time I dragged Dawson on the sled over to the hill, (laughing the whole way-- poor baby was so deprived staring out the window at all the big kids having fun while his party-pooper momma was keeping him holed up in the warm dry house) Bennett had already made it all the way to the top and sledded (slid?) down by himself.

That boy does not give up. He also doesn't whine or complain when facing tough obstacles. He honestly could have dropped that sled 5 more times but you wouldn't have seen his smile falter. My dad took him on a long walk through the woods near their house this past fall, and Bennett fell into a freezing cold creek while they were crossing a log. My dad recalled him saying something along the lines of, "whoops! I got wet!" and walked all the way back home with a soaking wet bottom half and didn't say another word about it. I'm so proud of his optimism and strong and resilient spirit. And to know that even when I'm not watching and can run to his rescue, he'll be ok.
Once I was out there, we made the most of it. Dawson loved it just as much as Bennett:
Daddy got home to join us for a couple runs. (You can see the sledding hill in the background, meetin up with the fence). When I ran back inside to grab the camera, they were already heading in. (Jon hates winter as much as I do.):
Cutest kid in the universe, you say? Why thank you. I couldn't agree more. ;)


  1. SO cute!!!!! Def don't envy the snow!!! :) LOL so what's this talk about bronzer? do share!

  2. Ha ha. Well, I always hated how "plain" my face looked in the winter, even with blush. My sister has always worn bronzer but my skin is more olive than hers and I just thought it would make me look too orange. So she finally talked me into trying it. I realized with just a little around the edges of my face, it gives me just enough color :)


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