Thursday, August 20, 2009

I took Bennett to a park this morning and then met my mom for lunch while she was working at the library. This is a really cool playground for anyone around Des Moines who wants to try a new spot. I'm not sure what its called but its basically between the Walker-Johnson softball fields and the Urbandale library.
He's so brave and fearless now. For some reason I didn't know if he could climb the blue rope ladder but he proved me wrong and was at the top in a matter of seconds. He's really into jumping off of things and is averaging about 2-4 head injuries per day. We're very proud of our little Evil Knievel.

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  1. We love that park too! It's definitely a 2 person job keeping track of the kiddos since it's so hard to get from top to bottom. I made the mistake of taking both boys there while hugely pregnant and had a really tough time keeping up!
    (And you look so cute with your little baby belly!) Hope the next few weeks go well for you!


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