Monday, August 31, 2009

Bennett's sensitive side

Last night I was out with my small group girls and Jon was home with Bennett. Bennett was watching his newest favorite movie, "Finding Nemo". All of a sudden Bennett ran into Jon's office across the hall with tears streaming down his face, saying, "they took Nemo! The scary man took Nemo!". He's seen this movie at least 4 times now but he's obviously understanding more and more each time he watches it. He was so upset when the scuba diver caught Nemo in his net! So Jon watched the rest of the movie with him and said at the very end, he noticed Bennett was getting teary eyed again. He asked him if he was okay and Bennett said in a sad little voice, "yeah, I'm okay." Jon said, "are you happy his Daddy found him again?" and Bennett said, "yeah." Bennett must take after Jon. He cries easier than I do in some movies :) Ok, maybe not, but it has happened before!

Here's Bennett enjoying his new favorite treat, an "ice cream come" :
Tomorrow we're going the Omaha zoo. I can't wait!! (Even though my ankles will be the size of an elephant's by the end of the day.)


  1. That was Hayden's favorite movie too. She watched it so much when she was little her first word was Dude...Dude... No joke! You'll have to watch it with Bennett this time and find that part. Your little guy is so cute!

  2. Awww...that sweet boy!!! Could he be any cuter??

    We should get together this week!!


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