Friday, June 26, 2009


This afternoon, we (me, Bennett, Nana and Poppy, Josh, Jenise & kids) got to go to a pool that belongs to friends' of the Colyers. They're often at their lake house so they've been so gracious to let the Colyers use their pool and pool house on many occasions. Its a gorgeous pool with lots of room to run around so we always have such a great time there. It was especially exciting since this was Bennett's first time in a big pool this summer. I was anxious to see how he'd do. Well, of course he loved it. He got in right away and was just kicking and splashing with excitement. He was eventually jumping off the side, going down the big slide, and trying to swim on his own. I would be holding him out in the water and he was actually pushing my hand away, as if he could just go on his own! His favorite thing to do was stand on the bottom step and then slowly just step off and go under the water, trusting I'd yank him back up. It was hilarious.
This all totally reminded me of my little sister Claire, when she was a baby. I think she almost drowned at least 3 times as a toddler because she'd just step off the side way before she could swim (once entirely clothed and of course at least 3 moms sitting around the pool all jumped in after her, also fully clothed.)
Sorry, no pics, but thankfully Jon comes home TOMORROW! I get to pick him up around 12:30. This week has gone very fast, thankfully, and I'm so ready to see him again. I was sorry he had to miss our pool day, but luckily we get to go back on July 4th. Jon will probably have him jumping off the diving board :) (that's not even a joke! He did want to do it to- after he saw Uncle Josh jump in!)


  1. yes we WILL take pictures next time - i could have kicked myself for not having my camera - the 3 of them are a perfect age to be in the pool - we'll do it more often now that we know how they love it

  2. Sounds so much fun. Wish we could have been ther to enjoy it with you!! Miss you all so much some ---

    Love, Auntie


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