Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

Bennett is sleeping in his big boy bed tonight!! This seems like one of the biggest milestones in his 2 years of life so far. I'm sure other parents can relate, at least with your firstborn! He was pretty hyper and excited when we were trying to lay him down and I told him firmly he was not to get out of bed. But once we left the room, he was crying out for Mommy and Daddy. Jon practically had to handcuff me to keep me from going back in there. Jon stood firm, even when I was begging him for a little peek but so far Bennett's been quiet although I have no idea if he's actually in the bed or not. I'm assuming he is since he hasn't tried to open the door at all. I'll probably have to wait another half hour or so before Jon will uncuff me and let me peek in. I'll update tomorrow whether he stayed in there all night (and how early he's probably going to wake up in the morning!)
PS. Candy...I promise house pics will be coming soon!


  1. and some of you may be wondering why we even have handcuffs....well, enough said

  2. Awww...he looks so little in that bed. Is it a double?? SO CUTE!!!

  3. Haverlee- He looks SO cute and tiny! Can't wait to hear how the night went!

  4. Have, I'm proud of you for not going back in! I can totally relate! It's tough for us mommies when our little ones are in new territory!

  5. I cant believe it!! A big boy bed already! I won't even comment on the handcuffs--Jon:) They just grow up way tooo fast! Seth is a senior now--our first grandson!!
    Enjoy these days----

    Love ya, Auntie


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