Monday, June 15, 2009

A Day in the Life of a 2 yr. old

Today was crammed full of appointments and activities. Bennett had his 2 yr. checkup this morning. He weighs 29lb. 4 oz (75th %) and is 36 1/2 in. tall (95th %!). He must have had a major growth spurt since he's pretty consistently been in the 50th percentile for both height and weight his whole life.
In the afternoon, we met my friend, Elizabeth, at a park in West Des Moines to take Bennett's 2 yr. pictures. Elizabeth offered to take them for me since she's just starting out with her photography and I can't wait to see them. It was a gorgeous park (I think its called Greenbelt Park or something like that, off of 100th, behind 7 Flags and that big white church) with great trails and a bridge which Bennett kept calling the Troll Bridge (a little too much Dora the Explorer!). We also got to see the most adorable baby deer sitting on this little stretch of sand in the middle of the river (or creek, whatever it is) not far from us at all. I thought he was stranded out there but after 20 minutes or so, he was gone.
After that, Bennett and I went to DR Deli for dinner since Jon was at a meeting. I put Bennett to bed at 8 like always and just a minute ago I heard his voice. He'd gotten out of bed for the very first time. He even turned his fan off before he came out of his room!! Hopefully this isn't going to become a habit. It was kind of funny to me and Jon the first time but I know we won't be laughing if he keeps that up. And he was doing so well too!

As a side note, just in the last few weeks he's starting to come up with some pretty funny stuff. Yesterday he was walking around saying, "this is my moment!" Wow...enough said.

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