Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day

Well, our no-labor Labor Day was wonderful. We got to spend it at the pool (belongs to friends of my in-laws and we've been going there on holidays since Bennett was a baby! 20102012) and for the first time, I didn't have to schlep the pack-n-play, hang blankets over windows and fret over whether my baby was going to fall asleep there or not. What a relief!! You deal with that stuff while you're in that phase and you cherish their sweet baby-ness. But once they're older, being away from home all day gets so much simpler and it sorta makes me want to celebrate. Don't get me wrong, when Channing turns 6 and I only have big boys in my house, I will probably bawl like a baby and watch our home videos of them as toddlers and eat a pint of ice cream every night (only because I don't like wine) for a week straight. But for now, I'm quite content to be done with the all that blasted baby gear. 

Since Channing was a bitty baby, he will sit in his Pop's arms FOR-EV-ER. I plopped him down there right when we got there and he stayed put for at least half an hour. It could have been more like 45 minutes, I lost track. Its so cute and so crazy, since my first two wouldn't have sat anywhere for five minutes unless they were being read to or watching a screen. It may be because Pop's belly is as comfy as a pillow top mattress ;) Who knows!

 These two. They slay me with their cuteness every time. I really don't want them to get older.

"Let's put this towel over us but our toes need to stick out." -Dawson. He's always all about the details and I love seeing things through his eyes.
 And the big kids. Practically teenagers. And the bestest friends.
I stole this next pic from my MIL. The kiddos watching Poppy make homemade ice cream! We had fresh peaches on top and it was amazing. 
This is Channing with his littlest cousin. Grayson just turned 6 months and can get into a sitting position from laying down already, plus he's already pulling up on stuff. Who wants to place bets on which of these two will be walking first? My money's on Grayson.
Channing loves babies and he starts "talking" to them in a squeaky little high pitched voice and reaches out and kind of tickles them. Its the sweetest. They sat out here and giggled at each other for so long. The scrunched nose gets me every time.
 I want a porch swing someday. With a big stack of books and I'll just stay there for days.
Its really fun coming back to this place a couple of times each year. (Although this may be our last time as they're getting ready to sell this house.) I feel like those are the memories that stick with you the longest. Makes me want to buy a cabin on a lake and go there with our whole family every year. Maybe its my childhood spent moving around constantly that makes me yearn for more consistency. I love experiencing new places more than anything in the world but I also love those memories you make when you revisit a familiar place over and over again. Old and new. Adventure and familiarity. I think I like both in equal doses.

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  1. What fun memories you're making. Love little Channing's sweet smiles!


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