Wednesday, February 27, 2013

family reunion

 This picture isn't from last week but I had to post it on here :)  Cousin Aben on the right:
And back to last week. My mom and Dad were here the whole week (which was good timing since Jon had to travel 3 full days last week to Alabama). First things first, little man's first haircut. I'd put it off long enough. We started out like this but that didn't last long. He was very wiggly. I hope his hair doesn't keep growing that fast. That was stressful!
 The mullet in all it's glory:
 And the After:
My brother and sis-in-law flew in on Thursday night. Make that Friday morning because of the "snow storm" which was much ado about nothing. Like I said before, we only see them once a year. It makes me sad that its not more often because there's something extra special about an aunt and uncle who don't have their own kids yet. They just have more energy and patience and time to play than all the other aunts and uncles! So my boys have a blast with them every time. I can't wait until we can travel out to California to visit them but I'm not ready to tackle that big of a trip until Channing is at least 3 and done with naps. They live outside of Yosemite National Park which is a world away from Iowa in landscape and culture. They're both creative and talented in so many ways and I wish we were a regular part of their lives. But we take what we can get and we're blessed with the short time we have with them each year! 
Lots of games were played (Sarah, top right, and my little sister's boyfriend, Michael in plaid shirt) :
Lots of books were read between wrestling matches: 
My parents got a hotel for two nights so that all the kids could swim. 
Channing LOVED it. I think he was in there for nearly an hour with Jon. Too bad we didn't have a baby float with us, he probably would have lasted longer:
And these three won't pass up a single opportunity to try something crazy (Bennett at least was smart enough to only do it once. My dad and Jon did it again when all the other guys got there!) :
 And these three got to spend the night at the hotel with Nonny & Grandad:
My dad and Graham and Sarah aren't wimps in the cold like Jon and I are so the boys get plenty of time outside when they're here: 
Don't the Iowa beaches look so inviting this time a year? Makes me want to grab a book and a pina colada:
The original six:
 And the whoooole crew:
I always love when my littlest sister, Claire, is around because she's always grabbing my camera and shooting. Love this shot she took on party day:

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