Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Game Changers

Just a few things that have changed my life in BIG and small ways lately. Thought I'd share the love....

Need shredded cooked chicken for a recipe but hate all the prep time? So thankful for this discovery.

Do you hate that Minute Rice is so dang complicated and rarely turns out perfectly fluffy? ('cause I do. That used to take concentration like I was solving an algebra equation). This is sheer genius. I'm a rice cooking convert and make it way more often now. (Stir in some butter, salt and a good amount of Parmesan cheese and it becomes a delicious side on it's own. No need for sauce.)

Do you need a quick and impactful devotional? Try Jesus Calling. Its been life changing because its such a doable way to really connect with Jesus on a daily basis and I truly look forward to reading it. I can't rave about it enough.

One thing I'm loving lately is something my friend and I started a couple weeks ago, we're calling it Before & Afters. No secret-- I'm a terrible housekeeper. I love a clean house but hate the work it takes to get there. I was born lazy. I can sit around all day long with a good book or some good TV(and some good food...) and not feel the urge to get up and do anything. I know tons of people who can't relax at night until their house is clean. Not me. Kids are in bed, I go straight to my room to relax, with my hubby, in front of the TV, walking right past all the mess without a second thought. (bonus if it's Monday and The Bachelor's on. That's our favorite date night ;)
So anyway....unfortunately/fortunately I married a typical first-born perfectionist Type-A who looooves a spotless house. (Unfortunately because with 3 kids its NEVER spotless and it irritates him to no end. Fortunately because at least it makes me want to try. A little.)
So one day I had a big mess to tackle (that I wasn't in the mood to tackle) so I snapped a pic of the mess and sent it to my friend. I told her I was going to text her the "After" shot when I was done so I felt like I had some accountability. Duh. It was genius. I cleaned harder and faster than I had in a while, paying attention to more details so my "After" was more impressive. And we both loved it and decided to make it a weekly challenge.
Here are a couple shots, just so you can get in on the fun and be inspired to snap some pics of your messes! (Obviously we are NOT going for picture quality here.)
Our "normal" bedroom. Doesn't get more "real" than this folks....
And the "After". (I think it stayed like this for maybe 2 hours. Our kids trash this place so fast. Do your kids play in your room?)
 And today's Before & After when I really wasn't in the mood to clean....

(My kitchen counters are always too cluttery...but it's still much easier on the eyes :) Do you hate cleaning too? Find another messy friend and keep each other accountable!! I said to my friend how after you're done, you don't even realize how much you did until you look back at the Before. She said how satisfying looking back at these pictures are, because we work so hard all day long and don't usually have much to show for it.

And in other life-changing news...Dawson (who will be 3 1/2 in a month) is F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. staying dry and going in the potty. Sometimes I have a parenting brain fart. (This one lasted a few months too long). I realized he was more than ready. It wasn't like he couldn't do it. He just didn't want to. Do I let him stay up late at night because he doesn't want to go to bed? No. Do I let him him eat snacks because he doesn't want to eat what I made for dinner? No. So why was I letting him pee in his diaper because he just didn't want to go on the potty? I don't know. Three kids leaves you with very little brain space to think through things like these. And I was so tired of cleaning pee off the carpet and couch so I'd just given up and was waiting for him to make up his mind that he didn't like diapers anymore. Well, that was going to happen the day after never. So I quit letting him call the shots. And he's doing great. I still have to be firm sometimes when he doesn't feel like trying but we're nearly done, another mountain behind us. (The next one on the horizon-- Mount Pacifier. Its a huge one. And I don't want to climb it)


  1. Just love your blogs! I really loved the "Mount Pacifier" reference! I know what you're in for!

  2. I so love this post! Maybe I should snap pics of my house for accountability too! Oh, and the parenting thing? Miss Emerie is still not sleeping through the night...why? Because mommy keeps popping in the paci every time it falls out. sheesh.

  3. 1.Thanks for the rice & chicken tips! Yay! I hate cooking and am always looking for faster, easier ways to do things. 2.I love Jesus Calling-I'm in my 2nd year of it and it is still so great. 3. Congrats to being down to one guy in diapers! I had to force Tate too and now he's finally come to the realization that it's soooo much better to go in the potty than a diaper. Whew!

  4. thanks for cleaning...looks great:)

  5. Hey! I wrote you a long response and then realized I wasn't logged in, so I don't think it posted it...

    Anyways, just wanted to say I LOVE that my house is not the only one in a mess 90% of the time! And Matt is exactly like Jon, so when I get the phone call that he's on his way home from the field at night, I jump up off the couch or out of the bed and run around straightening up like a mad woman! HA!

    Also, thanks for the chicken info! And just to let you know a friend of mine also taught me that you can boil your chicken tenders for about 15 minutes and put them in a bowl and shred them with your hand mixer!! GENIUS!!

    I love keeping up with yall on here!! :D


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