Thursday, December 27, 2012

cold days and warm cheeks

Before I post anything about our Christmas festivities, I wanted to post these pictures from my blogging queue. Little did I know this was the beginning of a week of very, very sick kiddos. But fevers and all, the big boys were out in the snow with Daddy. We conveniently have a giant sledding hill right in our backyard. But no, I did not venture out there to get cute pictures. Use your imagination. (fyi, for any photog nerds, these are straight out of the camera. Didn't feel like spending time editing today...)

Hot chocolate with a dash of cinnamon on the stove to warm them up-- one of my most nostalgic sights and smells from childhood. Five winters of my childhood in Canada made for a lot of pots of hot chocolate. 

 Mean mommy!! I had to get just one shot of my little snow angel :) Not too happy about it:


  1. these are great pictures, and i'm laughing about the baby snow angel! i enjoy rituals carried on, too -- hot chocolate is a keeper : ) stay warm!

  2. In just few weeks or days to come, we can already feel the spirit of Christmas. How I wish I can spend a nice gathering with my family this Christmas as well.

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