Monday, December 17, 2012

a winter weekend

Little C man was super sick Friday and Saturday with a fever that climbed to 103.9. He didn't have any other symptoms but he was very fussy the whole time and very tired. I'm guessing it was linked to teething but who knows. I was very, very glad to have my happy baby back when he woke up on Sunday morning.
I don't know what it is about these three snuggled in next to each other that makes me frantically run for my camera. I suppose it's because it happens pretty infrequently. Usually one of them (ahem, dawson, cough cough) is not in the mood for snuggles or another one is on the run. And the older Bennett gets, the more I'm desperately trying to record and capture these little years of chubby cheeks and button noses and sweet little voices. The "these are your best years" phrase we young moms hear all too often is starting to sink in. Watching videos of Bennett as a two-year-old yesterday was breaking my heart. Sure, it'll be reeeeally nice to go on vacation without packing a packnplayanddiapersandboosterchairandboppyandcarseatsandstrollersandandandand. But there's just nothing like their little squishy bodies that need me. Like, really need me. And want me desperately. I sort of love being their whole world. Even if it means not pottying alone for another few years.
On Saturday, my mother-in-law planned a baking day for all the Colyer women. It was such a fantastic and refreshing day. We actually didn't get all that much baking done but we ate lots of good food and ending up making felt ornaments (I'm sort of addicted to making those now and would love to do it all day long. See photos above for three reasons why I'm not).
She made each of us our own apron with fabric we chose:
I love these girls. We are all as different as can be but somehow our vastly varied personalities mesh together just right and we genuinely love hanging out (at least I do! Pretty sure they'd say the same :) There are very few people in my life that I'd rather spend a day with.
And a little snapshot of Bennett on Sunday morning in the church musical. The boy sang his heart out and did all the motions. Several people came up to Jon or me and said how great he did. So proud of his enthusiasm in everything he does!
 Nana's so patient with the kiddos and all the rearranging they do:
And my favorite Instagram photo from the weekend. Sipping hot cocoa out of the Peter Rabbit mug that was his daddy's as a little boy:


  1. What an amazingly blessed life you are living, Haverlee!!! I love it all!!!

  2. Ahh. Reading about your feelings about your boys growing up really struck a chord with me. I actually welled up as those feelings suddenly grab me too! Baking day looks brilliant, I'd love to be an honorary colyer girl from across the pond!! Lucy bailey X


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