Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A blog post for blogging's sake

There hasn't been much in life lately that has felt "blog-worthy". The weather's cold and Channing takes two long naps a day so we don't get out much. But I wanted to post something so we'll just go with it. I found these pictures in my "to blog" folder from way back at the end of the summer and they were just too cute not to post. If my nieces are at my house for a long time, I beg them to let me do their hair since I never get to :) She looked so cute in her pigtails.
This project isn't completely finished down to the last detail but it's close enough so I'll go ahead and post about it. When we were house shopping, we chose this one because it had all white woodwork (my #1 must), had a good layout and the builders had painted the entire interior tan, rather than leaving it white (a huge plus in my book). So even though there was a lot we liked about it, it still was majorly lacking character. (Pretty impossible to find character in our price range in a new home though, so I wasn't complaining). Anyway, I mentioned adding some more trimwork on our main floor around the doorways and in my husband's typical fashion, he got right on it. Here are a couple of before pics:
And the after (I'm in love):
 Obviously we have paint touch up left to do:
I don't have a before shot for this one (I'm sure you can use your imagination) but as you can see, he had to add a bulkhead (is that the right word?) and drywall for this one since the walls just went straight up on the sides. That still needs to be painted too along with a few more coats on the woodwork.
And here's this guy since he was just sitting there all cute like:
And another little project I'll show off--we recently had a Girl's Night Out with the moms group I'm a part of and I volunteered to lead an ornament craft. (We usually just do a cheapo gift exchange and frankly, I suggested a craft instead because I'm not fond of spending money on something I really like to bring to the party and going home with something I hate. Anybody else feel that way? I know, I'm just way too picky for my own good.) I found all of these felt ornament ideas on Pinterest and decided to make all three ahead of time so everyone could make their favorite at the party.
 [via (scroll down)]
I just loved how they all turned out. I think the green is my favorite. None of them were very hard at all although the rosettes had the biggest learning curve and was the most challenging. I have to say, I got sort of addicted to crafting. It was just so darn calming. I want to make a bunch more for gifts. We'll see if I have time (Mom!!! ;) Speaking of gifts....I'm so excited about several of the gifts I'm giving this year. A lot of them are really personal and I can't wait to give them! I'll have to post a couple on here after Christmas.
And one last shot from my phone I'll leave you with. Me and my little cubs:


  1. There is so much here I want to comment I will ha! The trim work is gorgeous and added so much character. Way to go John!

    And I am impressed with the ornaments! I'm totally making all three (when I find some time)!

  2. WOW!! The new wood work looks AMAZING and adds SO much!! Very NICE!!! And I totally get what you are saying about a cheap gift exchange...totally not worth it. I Your craft idea was perfect!! So cute!!

  3. LOVE!! The trim is amazing and dropping the ceiling to add trim to the one opening was genius!


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