Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A little update on the boys...

Boy #1: Still my sweet, sensitive, affectionate boy with a side of wild. I can't wait to see him with his new brother. He tries to hug and kiss Dawson constantly but usually gets a smack in exchange so I keep telling him he'll get to snuggle his new brother as much as he wants.
We've also been in the sneaking and lying phase for a little while now. He's constantly sneaking food and "hiding" the evidence (on at least 3 occasions I've found 4 or 5 granola bar wrappers stashed under the couch). Here he is on "job day" at school. His first choice was an astronaut so I had to suggest a couple other alternatives that were a little easier to pull off. Judie whipped up this chef's hat the night before (I big deal, right?? She's wonderful):

Last week Bennett added a new antic to his arsenal- shoving something up his nose. This was a new experience for us, one I thought we'd avoided with this child. He and Dawson were playing in Dawson's crib together in the morning (one of their favorite spots to play) and suddenly I heard Dawson screaming and Bennett saying, "I'm sorry Daws! I'm sorry Daws!" I ran in to find blood running out of Dawson's nose and all over his sheet. I grabbed him out and asked Bennett what happened and he showed me a plastic medicine dropper with a tip about an inch and a quarter long that they had in the bed and he said "Dawson put it in his nose". After getting the blood to stop (and calling the Dr. to make sure I didn't need to bring him in) I asked Bennett why he was saying "Sorry, Dawson" if Dawson put it in his own nose. He admitted the truth so we of course had a long conversation about not EVER putting ANYthing in our noses or any other holes in our bodies because it could really hurt us.
Well, apparently he wanted to test this theory on himself. That SAME evening, he was playing with his cousins at John & Judie's house and came up from the basement to eat dessert. He started sniffing and making a face like he had to sneeze. I asked him if he needed to blow his nose and he said, "no, there's paper in there and its making me sneeze!" After about 20 minutes with tweezers and a flashlight, Jon removed a pea sized piece of blue foam. Wow. Needless to say there was a punishment this time around instead of a lecture!!

Boy #2 helping himself to a chocolate bar for "breakfast" (he's currently standing on the 2nd shelf):

There are still a lot of days that feel like he spends about 50% of it whining or crying but thankfully he's so hilarious and cute the rest of the time, it balances out. Judie watched him the other night during the Super Bowl, and right before bed he said to her, "Order a pizza, Nana".

And boy #3:

Not much to say about this little one other than, I am more than ready for him to make his appearance. Nobody wants to hear me grumbling and complaining about how uncomfortable I am so we'll just leave it at that!! I got out the hospital stuff we'll need and stocked up on Pampers Swaddlers and nursing essentials after panicking one night because I was having pretty painful contractions. So we are READY!


  1. I cannot WAIT to meet Boy #3 and to know his name!! My fave part of you having babies...the suspense of knowing the name...and OF COURSE, those precious boys!! SO EXCITING!!!

  2. You look amazing! Praying for you in the next few weeks...that all goes well with your new little one...and that there are no more nose incidents. :)


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