Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life with Dawson: A Constant Costume Party

Dawson has always loved wearing goofy stuff. He's constantly coming to me with things he wants me to put on him. This started very young, as evidenced by these photos:

For a long time, the first thing he would want to do when he got out of bed in the morning or after a nap was put shoes on; any shoes he found. He still loves shoes but has expanded into many different areas.

He loves wearing this batman mask when he goes to Nana's. This particular evening he wore it around her house for a good hour or so.

Then we went to IHOP for dinner and he left it on the entire time, including while he ate!

This was the getup he came upstairs in this morning. He needed help getting the trunks on over his jammies but the rest was all him:

The other night he wanted to put on Bennett's Tow Mater jammies (size 5...might help you envision it a little better) over his own. He wore the shirt all night (I had taken the pants off to change him) but as soon as he got up the next day he wanted the pants back on over his jammies again.
And every now and then Bennett will come up with a few inspired looks of his own (notice the one flip-flop Dawson wanted to wear):

And just for the pure sake of cuteness:


  1. just laughing out loud at my adorable grandboys!!

  2. Ha that's awesome! He's so fashion forward! Both my kiddos come up with crazy get-ups too...don't you just love the laughter Dawson's creativity creates?!

  3. The Batman mask is my fave!! So much joy goin' on in your house! I love it!!!


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