Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Surrender

I give up on trying to keep up on mothering and housekeeping and everything in between. Today I declared, "I give up". So Dawson is currently watching Tangled for the third time, Bennett has been playing his Leapster and computer games since he got home from preschool and I'm ignoring my "pacifier stays in the bed" rule. And I refuse to feel guilty. I have two weeks to go and I have completely exhausted my energy and patience reserves. I can seriously barely make it up the stairs anymore, let alone try to handle a screaming and thrashing tantrum-throwing-two-year-old.

Two weeks is very short in the span of their childhood and a whole bunch of movies and pacifiers and snacks on demand probably won't affect them too much in the long run :)

And now for Dawson's ABC's: The Extended Cut.

(Remember Bennett's version??)


  1. i totally support you in this decision. give it up! all of it! no more rules that make life harder. only rules that make life easier!

  2. I love how Dawson's ABC's trailed off into E-I-E-I-O! So funny!


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