Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two for Tea

I've never posted a blog about stuff I would love to have but I suppose there's a first time for everything. I came across these teacups today as I was reading another blog and fell in love. I'm way more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker (my fave is Good Earth, Original with a little milk and honey) and I would love to sip tea from this:

I was thinking it would be a perfect gift for my English mother-in-law until I saw the $48 pricetag when I went to the web site. No mug is worth that kind of money. Oh well. Maybe I'll buy a plain white one and use a Sharpie.
This one is even cuter. It comes with a special marker to write your own message. How sweet to write a note and send it to your faraway best friend?


  1. These are cute!!! Wow now I"m scared to be a parent lol You wouldn't spend that money on a mug even as a gift for someone else??? LOL when I want something, regardless of price I either save save save so I can get it, or just get it! I realize I am not a mom that has 2 kids with needs, but I also think if you want something, regardless of a high price you should treat yourself! Most of my teaching clothes are super expensive (EX express, Limited, ann taylor) but I'm not nor have ever been a walmart apparel girl... :)

    good find Have!

  2. so cute! and i'm proud of you for "branching out" on your blog content! ;)
    i was really wanting to go to one of those pottery-painting places (i've never done it before!) and maybe we could MAKE a mug like that there!!!

  3. No mug is worth $48 or no mother in law??? :)

    You could get the same mug at the dollar store and just tell her she already knows where the tea bag and spoon goes...she doesn't need a diagram!

  4. Loved that you thought of me and loved these comments - especially yours Greg Glass! Yes Have, they are so cute.


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