Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day

I apologize ahead of time for all the details...I know our moms will love reading about it!

Today was meet the teacher day for Bennett's preschool. It was basically a walk-through of what their day will look like. I was so excited as we were getting ready to go. I was actually ready to go early so there was no rushing around. I seriously cannot remember the last time we had time to spare in the morning. I need to remember that 15 or 20 minutes of extra sleep are not worth it! It was wonderful. (It really helped that Bennett went to bed early last night so Jon and I had a good two hours together after the kids were asleep and went to bed early ourselves. The later our kids are up, the later I want to stay up)
I actually got a little choked up at one point during the walk-through, which surprised me. This has been one of the things I've looked forward to more than anything else since Bennett was born.
There are several parts to their day and they move to different rooms, which seems great to keep them focused and engaged. They have to wash their hands in the bathroom and go potty, then they go into a small classroom and find their hook with their name (Bennett found his all by himself!) to hang their bag up. They spend 10 - 15 minutes in there for focused learning. Then they have gym time. They get a full half hour to run around and play in a huge gym and work on gross motor skills like balancing and riding trikes. Then they go to the Choice Room (below) where they have some less structured learning time and then play time at the center of their choice.
His teacher, on the right, Miss Heidi, and the asst teacher, Miss Dawn:
The playdough table- this is what Bennett's looking forward to the most!

Man, I wish I could remember more of my preschool years. It looks so darn fun! All I remember is a boy named Sawyer or Samuel accusing me of wearing lipstick to school in K-4 because my lips were really red. I was so embarrassed.


  1. Love the picture with Dawson in the window, looking like, let me out of here, I want to come!

  2. SO MUCH FUN!!! He is going to have a blast!!!!

  3. We meet Ethan's teacher and get a tour next week...I'm with ya...I'm thrilled but a bit emotional about it!

  4. I laughed out loud at the lipstick story. haha, so cute!

  5. B-Dog is so Ready for Pre-School.

  6. more did dawson recover from that nasty broken leg?

  7. I am not one of the Mom's but still loved reading all the details!! love your stories....


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