Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birthday week comes to a close...

I had an awesome birthday week. I love birthdays. I look forward to a great date with my hubby and a to-die for meal from my mom. Both fulfilled my expectations. Jon took me out to Bravo Cucina Italiana- my favorite. Then Jon told me we were going to watch Survivor at our friends' house but he had to "stop by Scheel's for something real quick". So we went into the mall and amidst the hunting paraphernalia, he handed me some money and said, "phase two of your birthday: shopping". Oh, music to any woman's ears! No kids throwing temper tantrums as I hurriedly look through a store, pretending to ignore the annoyed glares of the employees. No searching under racks for the paci that Dawson launched out of the stroller at some unknown location. Just blissful shopping, at my own pace (ok....a slightly quicker pace with my hubby, knowing the sacrifice he was making on my behalf!!). He was such a good sport, pretending to be completely enamored with the clothes I was trying on. He even uttered the words, "that's super cute. You should try that on." (That would be the equivalent of me saying, "let's hurry home. The game's almost on!") He was a great shopping companion, even though it was all an act. I didn't mind. We stopped at Cold Stone on the way home (my new fave there- key lime pie with graham cracker crumbs) and watched Survivor together.
Birthday part two: lunch at my mom's today with most of our family. She made my all time favorite comfort meal- pot roast and mashed potatoes with gravy and Judie brought my favorite side- broccoli with cheese sauce. My birthday cake was a new recipe that I gave my mom to make: Tres Leches Cake. It was heavenly. Probably will be my yearly request now.
Thank you, family, for making me feel so loved and cherished on my birthday! I'm so blessed and thankful.


  1. What a fun birthday week! Brent is the shopper and I'm usually following him around (let's face it...he's way cooler than me anyway). I laughed out loud at 'That's super-cute!'

  2. oh my word, i love that he tricked you at scheels. AND that you had coldstone! i haven't had coldstone since i was pregnant with Q.

  3. We were away on vacation---sorry I missed your birthday----so belated happy birthday!! sounds fun, and Jon is special, but so are you!!! love you.


  4. Oh my were describing Jon's dad John to a tee! Oh the sacrifices in little shops, boutiques, department stores, etc..that he has made for me to make me happy. In this case, like father, like son! So glad you enjoyed your birthday - and funny thing, i didnt know that was your favorite side!


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