Sunday, April 5, 2009

My personal daylight savings

So I went to bed super early last night--as in lights out at 9:30. I love to sleep. Always have, always will. I was so proud of myself for actually accomplishing such a feat since I had to get up at 6:30 since I'm singing at church today and have to be there by 8. Those mornings are usually so rough because I require 9 hours of sleep. Well, I was actually going to get 9 hours! So I get all ready, come down to the kitchen to find some breakfast to eat in the car and notice the clock says 6:45. What the heck??! I check my cell phone- sure enough, 6:45. Somehow I moved the clock forward an hour when I set my alarm last night. For someone who loves sleep, this was devastating news!!! I kept wondering why it was still dark outside. :) So anyway, I have another 30 minutes or so til I need to leave, although the good news is, I can now stop at Panera for a delicious breakfast sandwich.
The other good news is, Bennett is finally better! He actually had semi-solid poop yesterday. I'd never been so excited about his poop before!! He's still really whiny though. I think he got used to all the cuddling and babying because the last few nights, he's cried out at least 3 times after I put him to bed and he's been throwing lots more fits. Jon and I are trying our best to whip him back him to shape! (not literally)

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