Sunday, June 30, 2013

summa time

Let's NOT talk about the fact that June is over which means summer is half-way over because that's a huge mood-killer right there. Let's just enjoy the moment, shall we? And I hate to brag, but the weather could not be more gorgeous in Iowa right now. I think we've hardly hit the 90's yet. Today is a glorious 78 degrees. Am I making you Southern Californians and Arizonians jealous?? Well, let's rewind to May 12th when we were shoveling snow, shall we??? So there.
Ok, enough with the weather talk. Sheesh, I'm old. Anyway, as each summer has approached with my children, I kind of know that it's either going to be wonderful or not so fun, based on their ages. Last year Channing was a little peanut who would sit contentedly in his stroller wherever we went. I knew this summer would be slightly less enjoyable. He's 16 months old. That's kind of smack dab in the middle of my-kid-won't-sit-still-but-he's-not-old-enough-to-do-anything-cool stage. Not to mention the nap that has to happen. So we've done fun things here and there but its been really low-key overall.

 The boy LOVES water, just like his brothers:
 I think he's over it:
Bennett's last soccer game. He wanted to play goalie so he "didn't have to run so much". I can't blame him. Given the choice of running or standing in one spot, I'd choose standing in one spot every time.
Channing's favorite spot:
His first and last time as "Coach Jon":
These two. Oh my word, I wish I had a video camera following them around everywhere. We're so blessed with awesome cousins:

One day, when we were feeling particularly bored, I decided to pull a Kate Gosselin and let my kids paint each other with chocolate pudding. It was a huge hit. They thought I was the coolest mom in the universe. And actually, it wasn't all that bad to clean up. They rinsed off with the sprinkler and then went inside for a bath.

Dawson was licking the pudding off of Bennett's body the moment before he looked at the camera. Yummmm:

 Drinking the leftovers:
I went inside for a few minutes and came back out to this. And then I died because it was the cutest thing ever. I think I'm going to pretend its the 1800's and bathe my children in a bucket from now on:

And this is neither summer time nor related to this post in any other way but it'll make you laugh and laughing is fun. So here you go:

(If that doesn't work for some reason, go to this link:

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  1. I have to say the pudding painting makes me feel a bit queasy...especially the licking and drinking the lefotvers. *shudder* But way to go, mom!! HA!


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