Friday, January 11, 2013


He's reached the double digits! My goodness, what a blur it's been. (and I'm about 2 weeks late on this post, by the way. I can't even believe that because that means he's nearly eleven months! I would say I'd like to freeze time but his birthday brings spring soon after so I don't really mind if we fast-forward to that part.)  

The cutest, you say? Who me??
 Not pulling himself up yet. Purely staged.

 My sick little man, over Christmas:

At ten months, he is such a joy. Now that we got those two months of sickies out of the way, he's quite easy and happy again. Although the nap situation has been frustrating lately. I lamented on facebook yesterday that he was boycotting his second nap of the day. Both my other two boys followed the Babywise book to a T and didn't drop their second nap til 15 months. So Channing's really been throwing this self-proclaimed Schedule Nazi for a loop. Honestly, he's been pretty unpredictable since our trip to Florida when his schedule was thrown out the window. I have a hard time not stressing about it. Today went much better though, when we switched it up a bit. So I think I will figure out what suits his needs here pretty soon.
He's army crawling all over the place but thankfully he doesn't go very far or very fast. He's still my laid back little boy. He's still on all baby food and chokes on anything with too much texture (much like Bennett did). He eats Puffs and Cheerios and finally did bread today (seriously...crazy gag reflex). We switched over to formula a couple weeks ago as my deep freezer full of frozen milk was finally depleted. He seems fine on that, although he does spit up a little more. Not too much else to report!
Jon and I leave first thing in the morning for Costa Rica (he wheeled and dealed with some timeshare agency and got us an all-inclusive week for just a few hundred dollars). So the boys will be staying with Nana and Pop the whole time (bless them!!!). What a strange feeling to leave them there tonight, knowing I won't see their faces for six days. Its all kinds of nervousness and sadness and anxiety and relief and joy and giddiness all shaken up together. I'm thrilled to spend a week alone with my best friend, since its sometimes hard to remember you're best friends when you're parenting three wild boys who deplete every ounce of my energy every. single. day. So at that, I sign off. By some miracle, I didn't procrastinate this time and I can actually go to bed now (instead of at 1 am which is my usual bedtime the night before a trip). That 3am wake up call is gonna be nasty. But oh so worth it.

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