Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Terrific Two's

I'm learning to speak positivity in my life, rather than negativity, so I'm going to focus on all the things that are wonderful about Dawson Graham Colyer, my tornado of a two-year-old. :) It's just mind-boggling that they go from this:

to just two short years.

My absolutely favorite thing about this age is listening to their vocabulary grow every day and hearing their adorable little voices. He repeats everything anyone says and is speaking quite well and in full sentences (well...half sentences, I suppose :) He can count to about 15 (with a couple prompts) and still loves to be read to. And every time we all sit down at the table he holds his hands out and says, "Amen?". Boy loves to pray!

Its amazing how different two brothers can be. Its really fun going through it all again with such a different child than Bennett was because its still full of surprises and utter astonishment at the things he does. This one is ALL boy and is obsessed with sports and trucks of any kind. Bennett didn't care one iota for either of those things (and still doesn't). I'm continually in awe of how these things are ingrained in them from the start. He loves to sit with Jon and watch "bay-ball" or football and shouts out what sports field he sees as we drive past (he now knows the difference between a soccer field, baseball diamond and a golf course).

I'm so thankful that God is teaching me right now (through a great book) to prophesy blessings for our lives, rather than speak negativity, because Lord knows it is a CHALLENGE with this one! Kind of like the words sweet Aibileen spoke over Mae Mobley in The Help- I'm speaking over Dawson: "You are kind and sweet and gentle!" :)

But, despite that, he is his dad through and through and I know he'll inherit Jon's unbelievable work ethic and drive and not to mention his jack-of-all-trades, "there's nothing I suck at in this life" talents!! :) This boy is going to be an athlete, that's for sure. And how wonderful for him to be the younger brother of such a kind, gentle and sensitive boy. Surely some of that will rub off...eventually.

I guess most families have a strong-willed child and he is absolutely it. I'm being stretched much further as a mother but every challenge only makes us stronger, and more reliant on God. And for that I'm thankful for every moment with this adorable brown-eyed boy that brings so much joy and energy to our home!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little D!


  1. Oh, I'm sure you didn't mean to say "there's nothing I don't suck at in this life"! It sounds like Jon is very talented :)

  2. Happy Birthday Dawson!! I can still remember him swaddled up and sitting quietly at church in his carseat. That probably wouldn't happen now :) I told you that book was good!


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